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Our Lawn treatment program consists of 4 main treatments starting from just £14.00 per application, they are: Spring/Early Summer/Late Summer and Autumn-Winter. By following this lawn treatment program you guarantee that your lawn will receive the right nutrients at the right time and moss and problem weeds will be tackled.

Additional Treatments

Throughout the season your lawn may require additional treatments such as: Hollow-tine aeration, Scarification or both, we will only recommend these treatments if they would be beneficial for you lawn.

Various turf diseases such as Red thread and Fusarium can be very common in the UK due to our damp climate. With proper turf management these can be effectively controlled, however from time to time we may need to tackle these with a specific treatment.

We can also treat for turf pests such as Leather jackets (crane fly larvae) and Chafer grubs (chafer beetle larvae). If either of these go unchecked they can devastate a lawn to the point where re- turfing maybe the only option!!


We can offer this as a complete service either weekly or fortnightly, ensuring that you can have the best lawn possible by leaving us to take care of all things turf related. Additionally if you  are away on holiday and don’t want to come back to your lawn 6 inches long then give us a call and we can fill in whilst you are away.

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